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Hi, I’m Jenn. 


I started taking photographs back in my teens with an old 35mm film camera. I spent hours in the darkroom tinkering, fascinated with developing photos the old fashioned way. And I was always, always taking pictures.  


I’m now 30 years old, have graduated to a DSLR, and live on a farm where I have become a firm believer in closed circle creating and intentional living. To me, this means being able to participate in the creation process from the start to finish. It means planting our own vegetables and raising our own meat. It means milling our own lumber, and building our own home. It means creating an image from a thought, from the moment a shutter snaps to the edited print. I have fallen in love with intentionally crafting things that are ethical, sustainable, real and beautiful. I choose not to focus on the end products, but to instead always exist in the journey, and to celebrate life in all it’s minute detail.


And I tend to celebrate these details by taking pictures. 

I’m still always, always taking pictures.

I look forward to exploring your creative journey with you!


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